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Tree imporvement Section

Tree Improvement Section The Department of Forest Research and Survey is to contribute to conservation, management and utilization of forest resources of Nepal through improved technologies and updated forest resource information base. The Tree Improvement Section is one of the six sections of the Departments Research Division and is fully committed to undertake the research activities in order to contribute to meeting the overall objective of the Department. Yet it is responsible for duly performing its own responsibilities assigned to it. The focus here is on the production of genetically superior propagules of important tree species.

The overall objective of this section is to support the Department in planning and execution of Tree Improvement Research and generate appropriate technology in enhancing the production base of desired products from the stand of improved tree species. However, the specific objectives of the research programme are:

  • To establish and carry out research on Breeding Seed Orchard (BSO) of some valuable tree species to produce improved variety seeds important to rural households economy,
  • To help preserve and improve the gene base of tree species through improved management practices; such as, in-situ conservation and ex-situ conservation,
  • To establish and carry out research on various provenance to study the phenotypic character of the tree species and to preserve and improve the gene base,
  • To develop the tools and methods to increase the productivity of the selected species through tree improvement research, and
  • Develop appropriate mediums (extension means) of the identified technology/s to transfer to the users and managers.
For further information, please contact:
Dr.Keshab Raj Goutam
Research Officer
Mob. No.9851248680
Department of Forest Research and Survey
GPO Box 3339 ,
Kathmandu , Nepal