Government of Nepal

Ministry of Forests and Environment

Forest Research and Training Centre

Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal


Goals and Objectives

Goal: To contribute on improving the livelihood of the Nepalese people.
  • To maintain and strengthen natural resource base;
  • To improve forest productivity and production; and
  • To generate income and create employment.
Overall Objective: To contribute on conservation, management and sustainable utilization of forest resources through improved technologies and updated forest resource information base.
Specific objectives:
  • To generate, update and strengthen forestry resource information base for improved planning and sustainable forest management;
  • To develop appropriate forest management tools and technologies for increased productivity of both natural and manmade forests;
  • To develop, verify and demonstrate appropriate technologies for the conservation, management and utilization of natural resources such as forests, wildlife, soil and watersheds;
  • To identify, evaluate and promote selected forest based genetic resources such as high value timber and non-timber forest products, wildlife and agroforestry for income generation and poverty reduction;
  • To identify, evaluate and improve on promising technologies (both indigenous/imported), methodologies and systems, to support for sustainable forest and agricultural management; soil, water and biodiversity conservation;
  • To transfer improved/applicable technologies/information through appropriate extension measures such as publications, training, demonstration, etc.