Government of Nepal

Ministry of Forests and Environment

Forest Research and Training Centre

Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal


Plantation Section

This section conducts silvicultural trials of important indigenous and exotic multipurpose tree species suitable for communities and farmers. It also studies management aspects of various important species for firewood, timber and poles. Other activities are vegetative propagation and various nursery techniques of important fodder, timber and fuelwood species, seed collection, proper storage of seeds, routine germination tests, production of quality seedlings for demonstration and use in different sections of Department of Forest Research and Survey, and the propagation and management of some important bamboo species.

  • The overall objectives of this section are:
  • To improve sustainable productivity in plantations to meet the country's increasing demand of forest products;
  • To help reduce environmental degradation;
  • To incorporate into research planning the knowledge, preferences, problems and needs of communities and farmers;
  • To assist the extension agencies in disseminating the results of plantations including nursery; and
  • To conduct interdisciplinary plantations and nursery research with other national and international projects and organisations.
For further information, please contact:
Dr.Keshab Raj Goutam
Research Officer
Mob. No.9851248680
Department of Forest Research and Survey
GPO Box 3339 ,
Kathmandu , Nepal